Data Collection

Business Intelligence. Simplified.

A Self-Service B.I. tool that is accessible anywhere, and is easy to deploy and use. Beverage Data Services will enable the typical business user to create dashboards, analytic drill downs and reports without programming or technical experience. Answergen can be used by anyone in the organization that can use internet and basic office applications. We have designed it from the business point of view. Here is the test: If other products claim to be so easy, why do they charge so much for training? Why is so much training necessary? When was the last time you needed training to use your smart phone? With Answergen, there is no extra training needed.

Answergen Reporting

Answergen allows your company to record and compare analytics and sales reports. The program also includes drilldown reporting, dashboards, and transaction level ad hoc reporting. Answergen allows your company to run at optimized efficiency.

Answergen Features

  • Dashboards

    Get a visual snapshot of your business and identify changes that improve performance, save money and increase revenue.

  • Analytics

    Slice and dice your data to gain meaningful insight into your business.

  • Drilldowns

    Drill down through your business structures in any direction necessary to gain understanding of business performance.

  • Mobile Data

    You have access to your information anywhere you have a browser. Computer, tablet or phone, you are connected.

  • Security

    Stop unauthorized access and provide access to necessary data while limiting access to sensitive information.

  • GeoCharts

    Analyze your data geographically with our interactive heat maps.

  • Detail Reporting

    Provide Business Users with the ability to produce reports without being limited to a predefined structure and without having to submit a request to the technology group.

  • Unlimited KBI's and Measures

    Determine what factors impact your business by identifying and analyzing an unlimited number of key business indicators and key performance indicators.